What is Quifle?

Quiffle is a web link shortening service that uses hashing to calculate short links.

What is hashing?

It has nothing to do with smoking. At least here. Hashing is a one-way mathematical function. What happens it we take the long link, and turn it into a number. We then hash it. This is somewhat like dividing something by 3.14159, ignoring the answer, and only using the result after the decimal point. But not exactly. Anyway, the number that we end up with will be unique, like a snowflake. We use that number to make the short link.

Can I get a shorter link, or one with my name?

No. In designing around the mathematical elegance of hashes, something had to go.

What do these short links look like?

Case insensitive, which means you can type them in upper or lower case. There will be no number 1s in them, as they can easily be confused with l or i. There are also no zeros to avoid confusion with the letter o. The only acceptable punctuation is -, the hyphen sign. For example:

What is your privacy policy?

All we store is the link and its hash. Nothing else. Simple. If your link has already been shortened, you may see the same short link that someone else may have seen. That shouldn't worry you.

Can I track links?

No. See above.

How can I access Quifle from another site?

Use a link in the form of http://quifle.com/t/?url=http://www.ripserve.com. The link will be fed to Quifle.

Is there a way I can add Quifle to my browser toolbar?

Yes there is. Drag this bookmarklet to your toolbar.

If it free?

Is the atomic number of Silicon 14?

Who made Quifle?

Ripserve, a UK based design agency. Copyright 2010 Ripserve, with thanks to William Caslon, Wesley Peterson, Linus Torvalds et al, and mum.

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